2023  Randall Thompson Frostiana (poetry of Robert Frost). To view, click here:

2022  Paul Winter Consort Missa Gaia (“Earth Mass”). To view, click here:

2021  Virtual concert with four short choral selections. To view, click here:

2020  CANCELLED due to coronavirus

2019  John Rutter Mass of the Children

2018 Works by local composers: Samuel Barber, Jennifer Campbell, Rollo Dilworth, Neil Harmon, Michael Larkin, Ann Wyeth McCoy, Wilson Somers.

2017  Gabriel Faure Requiem

            Michael Larkin Peace Will Always Be With You (special commission)        

2016  John Rutter GloriaLux Aeterna (from ‘Requiem’)

            Giovanni Gabrieli Domine exaudi

2015  Ludwig van Beethoven Choral Fantasy;

            Mass in C, selections; Elegy

2014  Carl Jenkins The Peacemakers, selections

2013  John Leavitt Requiem

2012  Paul McCartney Ecce Cor Meum (‘Behold My Heart’), selections

            Georg Frederic Handel Messiah, Parts Two and Three, selections

2011  John Rutter Mass of the Children

2010  Paul Winter Consort Missa Gaia (‘Earth Mass’)

2009  Felix Mendelssohn Elijah, selections

2008  John Rutter Requiem